• Gonzalo Ortega

Quipu on Norman Foster Foundation's NFF Stories !

Our Co-Founder Mercedes has been featured in NFFStories by the Norman Foster Foundation!

NFFStories is a new series of podcasts produced by the Norman Foster Foundation that aims to empower our community to make positive change. Listen now on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. ⁠

In this new episode of hashtag NFFStories, Mercedes elaborates on the developments of her project as a trading platform enabling communities to visualize the local economy to then work together to transform it. Focusing on putting technology in the hands of the users, she answers the need for trading in informal settlements by providing them with a platform for their own economy therefore not only changing the status quo and the way people are transacting but also changing their everyday dynamics and creating circular economies.⁠

Listen now clicking the link or on the image below!