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the digital market for local entrepreneurs

Quipu is an app to buy and sell in your community. At Quipu we support neighborhood economies.

For sellers


Advertise your business in Quipu and gain visibility. If you operate from home, Quipu is your ally. Create a digital catalog of your products and / or services in a few steps.


Increase promotion and sales and manage your accounts better. How much you spend, how much you sell, how much you save. Our goal is to help you grow!


Offer discounts through Quipu vouchers, an exclusive points system for your neighborhood. With the Quipu vouchers you can buy from other vendors in the Quipu community.

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For buyers


Find the best products and services in your neighborhood, without leaving home. The best quality at the best price. Save by buying from your neighbors!


Check with sellers at any time, you can haggle on prices too! Make your orders to collect or receive at home.


Buy and win Quipu Points! Use the vouchers in unique offers for your neighborhood.

What are Quipus Points?


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Quipu Points are exchange vouchers that can be used as a payment option in the Quipu markets.

Quipu sellers accept Quipu Points for all or part of the value of their products and services.

To win Quipu Points you have to register and buy!


With the Quipu Points, sellers and buyers can

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  • Redeem them for neighborhood business offers

  • Redeem them for the Quipu store offers

Internet recharges

Public transport cards

Construction materials

Workshops to strengthen your entrepreneurship

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Jhosser Variety Store

Andaje bicycle workshop, by Javier

Yenis Beauty Salon

Erika Fashions and Miscellaneous

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